The proportion of key secondary categories in jewelry industry

Fashion products under the line of mature categories bracelet, necklace, ring, earrings, steady rise; Sales accounted for 68%; Under the category of loose beads and jewelry parts and accessories under DIY products, the sales growth rate is the longest, with the annual comparable growth rate exceeding 20%, and the annual growth rate of jewelry parts and accessories is 30%. The blue ocean category has a large ascending space.Jewelry industry order range: the order amount of 20-1000 usd accounts for 64%; It can be seen that the industry sales are mainly medium and small wholesale; Therefore, reasonable packaging and competitive price setting are of vital importance to store sales.

Key secondary category order interval: Bracelets, bracelet: small class B in wholesale orders accounted for 42%; Small wholesale orders account for a relatively high proportion; The order amount is mainly between 50-500 dollars; Necklaces – necklace: 50 – $500 in a small wholesale orders accounted for 45%; Highlight the characteristics of small B wholesale Rings – Rings: order range, 50% of orders are concentrated in less than 50 dollars; According to the product attributes of the ring category, the sales of this type of product piece account for a relatively high proportion; Earrings: the order amount of Earrings is mainly under $50.

In the second half of the year, the jewelry industry focuses on product line development: DIY product line: including loose beads, loose diamonds, loose gems, jewelry parts and accessories, jewelry tools and equipment; (growth rate 20%) package sales; The minimum order quantity is $100 (because of the higher cost of single piece). — DIY finished product package sales; — sales method video tutorial promotion

Post time: Sep-20-2019